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Music has the power to transport us to another place and time. Casey loves to harness that power and to share it with a diverse audience of fellow yearning to experience a part of the ture American West. From an early age, he has found great joy and satisfaction from entertaining others, and the authenticity of his spirit comes across in everything he does.

Hailing from Boise, Idaho, Casey Adams is a singer, songwriter and all 'round entertainer that has plied his trade from the mining camps and oil fields of Alaska to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and beyond.

Currently a resident of Arizona, he performs every other week at the historic Grand Canyon Western Ranch.  His timeless country music celebrates the grandeur of the American West.  He is the living, breathing embodiment of a dying breed of poet cowboys who inspire us to be the best we can be, and who remind us all of our commonalities rather than our differences.

Share in the life and times of a bygone era through Casey's music.  See him live at the ranch, or purchase one of his many albums of original music that you will find nowhere else.

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